Morooka’s new MST-1000VDR rotating crawler carrier designed for smaller jobsites

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Updated Aug 22, 2020

Morooka Mst 1000 Vdr Copy 1

Morooka’s new MST-1000VDR rotating crawler carrier is designed to give contractors more options when working on jobsites with restrictions like delicate ground or limited space, the company says.

It has a payload of 12,125 pounds. It runs on a 124-horsepower Cat engine and has a max travel speed of 6 mph when loaded. It has a minimum ground clearance of 20 inches and ground pressure of 3.9 pounds per square inch unloaded. Individual track width is 28 inches.

Morooka’s VDR models all feature rubber tracks and an upper structure that can rotate 360 degrees in either direction independently from the undercarriage and tracks. “This helps users that want to reduce surface damage that occurs when turning the machine or users that have limited operating space,” the company says.

The MST-1000VDR has a transport weight of 20,150 pounds. The dump bed is 7 feet 7 inches long and 6 feet 11 inches wide.

The carrier’s overall length is 16 feet 4 inches; width, 7 feet 10 inches; and height, 9 feet 6 inches.

To catch a glimpse of the MST-1000VDR at this year’s ConExpo, see the video below:

Mr. Morooka showing off the all-new MST-1000VDR at ConExpo! Find us in the Festival Grounds, booth F6926.

Posted by Morooka USA, LLC on Wednesday, March 11, 2020