Thieves dig ATM from side of building with stolen excavator in growing crime spree

Updated Jun 2, 2019

Komatsu Construction Equipment Digging Out ATM

A gang of masked thieves have attracted international attention with a growing spree of crimes in Northern Ireland and a destructive, trademark method.

According to a report from The Guardian, the gang is known to steal an excavator, find a business with an outdoor ATM and use the excavator to break the machine free from its foundation or the wall it is sitting in before driving off with the whole thing.

On April 7, the group, which is being called “The Hole in the Wall Gang” by locals, pulled off its latest of 11 ATM heists, video of which you can see below. From start to finish the whole job takes the crew of criminals only 4 minutes, 10 seconds. The video below of this incident was edited for length.

The spree of ATM thefts has occurred over the last few months. The identity of the thieves is unknown and police say “several gangs” could be responsible. At least one trailer dealer in County Antrim saw the heists as an opportunity. The Guardian reports the dealer wrote jokingly on Facebook, “Need a low loader for your next ATM robbery – contact us immediately to check out our stock, we accept all cash sales.”