3 dozers pull upended excavator and a bunch of gear up a ridiculous rocky grade

Updated Dec 31, 2015

No. 10 Video of 2015


3 dozers pull excavator up hill

What do you do when you’ve got a crapload of gear to move and an incredibly steep and rocky grade in front of you? If you’re this crew you chain every dozer at your disposal together, throw the skid onto an excavator bucket and tow it all right up to the top.

Oh, and hope to God the chain attached to the excavator chassis doesn’t snap.

Shot by Arkansas native Luke Leonard and shared to his Facebook page, the video has been shared thousands of times over the last two years. Definitely a risky maneuver and the guy in the excavator (Yep. Someones gotta swing the gear around halfway up.) has probably had less stressful days, but lucky for them, it got the job done. Check out Luke’s video below.