Watch Volvo excavators dance bucket-in-bucket in this cool tiltrotator demo

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated May 15, 2019

Volvo tiltrotator excavator demo

Usually manufacturer equipment demos are filled with hard-driving rock, and Volvo Construction Equipment’s recent event at Volvo Days in Eskilstuna, Sweden was no different. In late June the company used music with a heavy bass line to strut its lineup of artics, loaders, skid steer, rollers, on-highway trucks and pavers and rev up a crowd of more than 500.

But there was one exception: when it was time to show off the excavators, the music got decidedly mellow.

While in-sync boom-arm excavator ballet movements are a staple at such demos, as you’ll see below, Volvo made good use of its tiltrotator couplers, a popular attachment in Europe. The coupler acts as a “wrist” for the machine’s stick, allowing the bucket to tilt and rotate, as the name suggests. Check it out below.