Wheel loader rescues excavator buried cab-deep in mud using cables, bucket lift

Updated Dec 15, 2014

Wheel loader rescues buried excavator

In most “stuck videos” that we’ve seen, when a machine gets in trouble, an excavator comes to the rescue. But what if it’s your excavator that’s stuck?  Typically, you bring in the dozer and pull the sucker out. But in the case of this crew, only a wheel loader was available. And with how stuck this excavator was, simply towing it out with only the traction of the loader’s tires on loose dirt wasn’t an option. So the guys grab some cables and hitch up the loader to what we assume is a tree on the rear while connecting the excavator to the loader’s bucket with another cable. Using the tree as a counterweight, the loader is actually able to use its bucket lift to tug the excavator to safety—despite the back wheels coming off the ground a few times. Check out the rescue below.