Semi truck jumps over F1 car, lands 83 feet later to set a world record

Updated Nov 26, 2014

Semi truck jumps over F1 car

If you were wondering what the coolest way to nearly destroy an 18-wheeler is, we’ve got your answer.

In the video below, you’ll witness a semi truck hit a ramp and clear an F1 car racing just beneath the truck’s tires, before crashing back down to the earth. The driver of the truck is Mike Ryan, the same guy who you might remember proved once and for all that you can drift a Caterpillar mining truck earlier this year. The guy definitely has skills as even after a very bouncy landing, the trailer doesn’t move much at all.

In all, the semi jump was measured at 83 feet, 7 inches and set a Guinness World Record. Check it out below.