Kubota launches its first skid steers: meet the SSV65 and SSV75

Updated Jun 23, 2020
Kubota SSV65Kubota SSV65

To expand its line of construction equipment, Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) unveiled the SSV65 and SSV75 skid steer — the company’s first entries into the skid steer market.

The SSV 65 and SSV 75 skid steers are both vertical-lift machines and both models come with standard two-speed travel and optional high-flow hydraulics.


Features include an overhead front door, multifunction handles for high-flow machines and a side light feature. Kubota says the machines will be available in May or June 2015.

The SSV 65 has 64 horsepower, a 1,950-pound rated operating capacity and 4,839 pound-force bucket breakout force.

The SSV 75 has 74.3 horsepower, a 2,630-pound rated operating capacity and 5,884 pound-force bucket breakout force.

Both models have sliding front doors, which allow for entry/exit regardless of the loader position (for difficult situations). The skid steers have Tier 4 Final engines.

In addition to these, Kubota product managers said they are also considering adding 50- and 90-horsepower models in the future. For their compact track loader line, they are thinking about adding a 60-horsepower model.

Kubota introduced the skid steers during the dealer event in Nashville, Tennessee, Tuesday. They also released the R30-Series wheel loader, M7-Series tractor line and Z700X-Series ZTR mower.

Don’t miss a video walkthrough of the machines’ features below, shot by our sister site Total Landscape Care.

Editor’s Note: Lauren Heartsill Dowdle is the editor of sister site Total Landscape Care.