GEAR: Snap-On low-profile screwdrivers make quick work of tight spaces

Updated Oct 16, 2014

Snap-on low profile screwdrivers

We’ve all been there. Stretching a hand or arm into a tight space that no hand tool was ever meant to go, only to leave with bruised knuckles and the nagging suspicion that the job wasn’t done right. Snap-On’s low-profile screwdrivers seek to help that problem.

These flat screwdrivers feature special steel alloy bits that are only 10mm high—as small as a bit can be while still guaranteeing maximum torque. They’re perfect for assembly and Snap-On recommends them for small engine repairs and motorcycles.

The low-profile models are available: a flat-head, #1 Phillips and #2 Phillips. They run $15 each at the Snap-On website.