Toro puts EFI engine in STX-38 stump grinder, improves guarding

Updated Feb 18, 2014

Toro Stx-38A redesigned guarding, improved cutter head and the addition of an electronic fuel injection engine head the list of improvements of Toro’s STX-38 stump grinder, introduced at The Rental Show last week.

The EFI engine means the carburetor and choke have been eliminated, allowing for easier start-up in all weather conditions. Cutter head improvements give the unit better chip management and a greater ability to grind below grade.

The reshaped and raised guarding improves chip space and ground clearance under the head without a reduction in cutter wheel visibility.

The 1,750-pound unit has Toro’s Intelli-Sweep, which automatically adjusts the speed of the wheel when sweeping across a stump. With a ground speed of up to 4.5 mph, the STX-38’s fully hydraulic operation eliminates tension adjustments and keeps belts from braking or slipping.

Below, Sean O’Halloran with Toro goes over some of the new features of the STX-38.

[youtube I0gNFDwcI90 nolink]