Excavator mercilessly pounds a perfectly good Dodge Viper to bits

Updated Jan 13, 2014

Excavator destroys Dodge Viper

We spent a considerable amount of time with Google search trying to figure out why, in the name of all that is holy, this perfectly good Dodge Viper had to be destroyed. There’s no definitive answer, however. One commenter says it has something to do with a car accident death and Chrysler asking for it to be destroyed. The only certainty we get is from the video’s description which mentions “4 more to go”. If you love cars, this is pretty painful to watch. This Viper dies a very slow death and the engine, interior and exterior all look to be in pretty good shape. That is until, the excavator decides to roll over it for good measure. If you’re like us and you love cars and seeing heavy equipment destroy things, you’ll feel pretty conflicted. Go ahead and watch below.

[youtube Jdp8auBPGp0 nolink]