Bobcat launches E42, E45, E50 and E55 Tier 4 non-DPF excavators; new instrument panel

Updated Jan 13, 2014
E50 compact excavatorE50 compact excavator

Bobcat has introduced four new Tier 4 excavators which feature an ultra-low particulate combustion engine instead of a diesel particulate filter. The UPLC engine reduces the amount of particulate matter created during combustion via a specially designed engine combustion chamber, ensuring Tier 4 emissions compliance without the need for a DPF.

The four models—the E42, E45, E50 and E55—are part of the M-Series lineup of medium-sized machines. The 42.7-horsepower E42 is a conventional tail swing model designed for bulk excavation tasks which offers a 10.5-foot dig depth, 17.3-foot reach at ground level and has 9,183 foot-pounds of bucket digging force; while the 42.7-horsepower E45 is a zero-tail-swing model that offers unobstructed rotation and all around visibility while delivering a 10.8-foot dig depth, 18.6-foot ground level reach and 7,650-foot-pound bucket digging force.

The 49.8-horsepower E50 minimal tail swing excavator has a compact frame designed for performance on tight jobsites and has an 11.6-foot dig depth, 19.5-foot ground level reach and 8,977 foot-pounds of bucket digging force. The 49.8-horsepower E55 is a conventional tail swing model with high lift capacity and slew torque performance and features a 12.9-foot dig depth, 20-foot ground level reach and 8,977-foot-pound bucket digging force.

The E42, E45 and E55 all offer a clamp-ready extendable-arm configuration, designed to provide additional length when fully extended. All four machines feature a new forward-mount instrumentation system for improved functionality.

Features include multi-lingual functionality, user statistic analyzing capability, integrated attachment controls and the ability to capture fuel usage, real time fuel consumption and idle-time data. An enhanced keyless start option increases security. As part of the M-Series excavator product line, the four machines also feature an independent boom swing for offset operation, as well as auto-shift travel and an auto-idle feature.

Thirteen attachments are available for the new excavators.

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Bobcat deluxe instrument panel for compact excavatorsThe new excavators include a new forward-mount instrumentation system that will also be available on the E32 and E35. Bobcat says the new instrument panel retains much of the functionality they’ve come to expect with Bobcat loaders and will help owners and fleet managers better understand performance and costs with a new 5-inch LCD screen.

Included features on the new panel:

  • Seven languages, including French
  • Eco-mode for up to 8 percent in fuel cost savings
  • Ability to customize auto-idle delay to suit operator preference. Choose from between 4 and 250 seconds.
  • Attachment-specific operation tips to optimize productivity and versatility
  • Enhanced engine and hydraulic system information to simplify checks of machine status

The new panel also provides new flexible options for machine access that can increase security of your equipment. Owners and operators now have three choices relative to keying the machine:

1. Standard panel with key
2. Standard panel with keypad for keyless start, which includes provisions for one          programmable owner code
3. Deluxe instrumentation panel with integrated keyless start, which includes provisions  for one owner code and up to eight user codes

Bobcat says the new panel is more ergonomic with input switches relocated to the front of the operator from the side. The new location of the panel also aligns with the existing cab components to maintain visibility with the attachment.

The panel also boasts improved auxiliary logic, new and more comfortable joystick switches, a new cup holder and storage cubby and a new location for the radio (if installed) to the right of the right operator.