Backhoes, wheel loaders and other oversized hauls crash repeatedly into Indianapolis bridge

Updated Aug 14, 2013

Virginia Avenue Bridge Indianapolis crashIn order to reduce complaints surrounding the three-month-long detours around several bridges undergoing repair, the Indiana Department of transportation released the video below giving a very good reason as to why the repairs are needed.

According to our sister site Better Roads, the video comes from INDOT cameras installed beneath the Virginia Avenue Bridge in Indianapolis and shows instance after instance of oversized loads crashing into the bottom of the span. At least two backhoes, two wheel loaders and a service truck being hauled crash into the bottom of the bridge, along with a couple trailers, tanks and other equipment.

The partial collapse of a bridge on Interstate 5 spanning the Skagit River in Washington state earlier this year was caused by a strike from an oversized load. The bridge was said to have had a history of such strikes.

The bridge is 40 years old and since 2006 alone it has been struck at least 70 times. INDOT plans to lower the road beneath the bridge to increase its clearance. Read more about the process at Better Roads.

[youtube HoisCDmpSsU nolink]