Hitachi's New ZW310-7 Wheel Loader Hits the Market

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Hitachi says the ZW310-7 loaders provide operators with an ideal work environment that leads to less operator fatigue and increased productivity.
Hitachi says the ZW310-7 loaders provide operators with an ideal work environment that leads to less operator fatigue and increased productivity.

Orders are now being accepted by select authorized dealers of Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas for the new ZW310-7 wheel loader.

The 27-ton loader is part of the new ZW-7 series and includes several features designed to boost operator comfort to improve productivity. The loader will be available in either a base or premium model.

Comfort plus

“Operator comfort was a key design priority with our new wheel loaders series,” said Matt Koester, wheel loader product manager at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas.

Hitachi says the ZW310-7 loaders reduce operator fatigue and provide a pressurized, quieter cab and integrated console for easier-to-reach, seat-mounted controls.

Both base and premium models include a standard fully adjustable, heated air-ride seat that incorporates a seat-mounted armrest with ergonomic electric-over-hydraulic controls. The armrest and controls adjust forward or reverse to accommodate operators of varying sizes.

An 8-inch LCD monitor is designed for navigating the menu quickly.

In addition, both versions of the ZW310-7 have approach speed control, which gives the operator control of the top speed selected during loading for faster and more efficient operations, the company says.

With a payload checker, the new machines allow the operator to weigh and log material moved. This allows trucks to be loaded more accurately, and the system on the ZW310-7 loaders will warn operators when the bucket is overloaded, improving safety.

Additional updated features include improved traction with a limited-slip differential and a four-speed powershift transmission and lockup torque converter.

The ZW310-7 loaders also have an auto power-up feature that will automatically increase rpms while traveling uphill to prevent engine speed from dropping. 

Combined, Hitachi says these new features lead to less operator fatigue and more efficient operation.

Check out the video below for a look at the ZW310-7:

Safety first

Visibility from the cab has been improved with an adjustment to the overall layout of the monitor, switch panel, and cab pillars.

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Premium models will feature the Aerial Angle peripheral vision camera system, a set of three cameras mounted on the rear of the machine that provides a wide 270-degree bird’s-eye view of the loader’s surroundings on the monitor.

Also, an optional rear obstacle-detection system with automatic speed reduction is another safety barrier for those not accustomed to operating the loader.

Components on the loaders have more protection on jobsites from dust and debris than previous models. In addition to improved inner and outer engine filter elements, the loaders feature an automatic reversing, hydraulically driven fan, and wide-fin radiators as standard to prevent debris from clogging the cooling system.

Also, daily maintenance checks have been simplified with improved and easier access to filters and other components.

ZW310-7 loaders will have ConSite Air, to remotely monitor the operational status and alert owners, operators, and service dealers about upcoming maintenance needs, allowing for remote diagnosis. Like cell phones, the system can push remote software updates.

Quick Specs

  • Engine: Cummins L9
  • Power: 312 hp
  • Operating weight: 54,190–54,851 lbs.
  • Bucket capacity: 5.5 – 6.1 cubic yards