Video: Deere Expert Explains How Motor Graders Have Evolved | The Dirt #25

Updated May 24, 2021

Precision, efficiency and comfort. That pretty much sums up what the latest motor graders from John Deere are all about. In this episode of The Dirt we talk to Deere grader expert Matt Goedert, who explains the latest features on the company's grader lineup and breaks down the differences between the G and GP Series machines.

Mentioned in this Video:

How Deere Made Its Best Graders Even Better

Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

1:15 Key Elements to Deere Grader Development and Difference Between G and GP Models

5:37 Who Is the GP Series Right For?

8:41 Blade Stow and Auto Gain for Cross Slope

16:00 GP Offers A La Carte Automation Features

17:54 How Deere Tailors SmartGrade for Graders

23:20 SmartGrade Gets an Upgrade

27:50 RTK Stability Increase

28:52 Premium Circle Standard With SmartGrade