Video: How John Deere Just Made Its Best Motor Graders Even Better

Updated Jan 28, 2021

John Deere recently announced several updates and improvements to its Grade Pro (GP) motor graders and grader-centric improvements to its SmartGrade machine control platform. In this video we discuss those updates and talk about what differentiates a GP Series grader from Deere's standard G-Series graders.

Episode Chapters

0:00 Intro

1:11 What is a Deere Grade Pro Grader?

2:00 Antler Rack or Seat-Mounted Controls?

3:34 E/H Valve and A La Carte Automation Features

4:52 Cross Slope Standard on GP Graders

5:52 New Automatic Blade Gain on Cross Slope

7:00 SmartGrade Automation Features

7:08 Auto Articulation

7:45 Blade Flip

8:17 Machine Presets

9:38 Blade Stow

9:55 Why Deere’s Grader Machine Control is So Unique

14:00 New Premium Circle Exclusive Included With SmartGrade

Mentioned in this Video:

Deere's New 333G CTL With SmartGrade Has Dozer Mode and Integrated Grade Control 

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