Ashland Packs Big Scraper Features into Small, Versatile 1812E

Marcia Doyle Headshot
K. A. Group’s Ashland 1812E pull-behind scraper with a John Deere tractor
K. A. Group’s Ashland 1812E pull-behind scraper can be used both in single and tandem configurations. Used in tandem, the heaped capacity increases from 18 to 36 cubic yards.
KA Group

Working under the theme “Earthmoving for Everyone,” K.A. Group unveiled its Ashland 1812E direct-mount ejector scraper during ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023.

The Ashland 1812E is an 18.1-cubic-yard pull-behind scraper that can be used in both smaller earthmoving and agricultural applications, says Greg Martinsen, vice president of U.S. operations, K.A. Group, talking to Equipment World at the show.

“It’s built on the foundation of our bigger scrapers, offering modular design and high-strength steel,” Martinsen says. K.A. Group brands include K-Tec and Metalcraft along with Ashland. “It also has a built-in ride control like all of our bigger scrapers.”

The 22,000-pound 1812E has a 12-foot cutting width and can be pulled behind 300- to-580-horsepower tractors. “It’s a lightweight, easy-loading scraper, so a 300-horsepower unit will load it with no problem in most conditions,” Martinsen says.

Four independent wheel assemblies can be installed in various positions on the rear frame. The common offset position reduces mud buildup and prevents material from pushing ahead of the tires in soft conditions, says the company.

“One huge advantage is the ability to hook it up as a tandem unit operation,” Martinsen says. “It’s as simple as adding the hydraulic lines and bolting on a rear hitch.”

Ordered as a lead unit, the 1812E will pull two pans in tandem and increase the combined heaped capacity to 36 cubic yards. As with other Ashland scrapers, an accumulator is installed on the hydraulic system, turning the vertical lift cylinders into shock absorbers.