Deere Productivity System Measures Scraper Throughput with Precision

Updated Apr 13, 2022
John Deere tractor pulling towed scraper.
Measure every bowl – in real time – for data insights.
John Deere

Scrapers move more material per pass than any other machine, but keeping accurate, actionable accounting of exactly how much they move has always been more an art than a science.

The solution: John Deere’s new Earthmoving Productivity System helps determine the volume of material that is being loaded into a scraper in real time for each pass and transfers this data back to a job site supervisor. The system also takes images from inside the scraper and displays them to the operator, helping them fine tune their loading skills and focus more on what’s in front of them rather than the scraper bowl.

The calculated yardage is shown to the operator during every pass and added up after each cycle. Saved data shows the operator’s daily productivity to help improve performance and increase efficiency.

Data is transferred directly to the JDLink Dashboard, via JDLInk Connectivity, enabling increased accuracy for job bidding and billing, helping contractors make better informed business decisions. “Customers in site development can now further manage their cost per yard and especially benefit by maximizing trip capacity and preventing spillage,” said Justin Steger, solutions marketing manager, John Deere.

In addition to measuring material, the Deere Earthmoving Productivity System’s integrated solutions provide advanced data such as total fuel burn and wheel slip. Available for installation on single, double, or triple scraper systems, the technology can be retrofitted on all D-Series Scrapers. This system is also compatible with select John Deere Scraper Special Tractors (2015 or newer), including the 9R, 9RT and 9RX models.