Komatsu Adds iMC 2.0 Machine Control to PC490LCi-11 Excavator

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Updated Oct 21, 2022
Komatsu PC490LCi-11 iMC 2.0 excavator digging a trench

Komatsu has added the second generation of its intelligent Machine Control platform (iMC 2.0) to the PC490LCi-11, making it the largest excavator in the company’s lineup to feature the factory-integrated, semi-automatic operation technology.  

With no bolt-on components, the fully integrated system comes with stroke-sensing hydraulic cylinders, a multiple global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and an inertial measurement unit sensor.

Using 3D design data loaded in the control box, the iMC 2.0-equipped excavator can accurately check its position against the target. Once it hits the target surface, the machine is semi-automatically limited to minimize over- excavation. If the operator turns off auto mode, the machine can be operated with indication-only guidance. Not only do these features boost productivity, they also help novice operators get up to speed quickly, Komatsu says.

New features for iMC 2.0 include an upgraded 10.4-inch iMC monitor, which offers increased memory capacity and processing speed and pinch-to-zoom functionality. A touchscreen icon interface simplifies operation.

The new bucket-angle-hold control helps operators reach finish grade quickly and accurately by automatically holding the bucket angle to the design surface during arm operation, the company says. This enables operators to perform finish grading using only arm input.

Komatsu PC490LCi-11 iMC2.0 excavator loading a truckKomatsuPerformance Features

Well-suited for excavation, trenching, slope work or fine grading, the 50-ton PC490LCi-11 is powered by a 359-horsepower Tier 4 Final Komatsu SAAD125E-7 diesel engine.

The machine is equipped with six working modes: power, economy, lifting, breaker, attachment power and attachment economy. The different modes match engine speed, pump flow and system pressure to the application.

Thick plates of high tensile-strength steel on the booms and arms increase durability. The boom foot, the boom tip and the arm tip are also designed with large cross-sectional areas and large one-piece castings.

The low-vibration, pressurized cabin includes a seat with a reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, automatic climate control and an auxiliary input jack. A rearview monitoring system display has a rearview camera image that is continuously displayed together with the gauges and vehicle information.

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