Develon’s Second Dozer: The Mid-Size DD130 Unveiled for 2023

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side view of Develon DD130 dozer at ConExpo
The DD130 launched at ConExpo marks the second dozer from Develon, formerly known as Doosan Infracore.

Coming off the heels of its first ever dozer, released when it was known as Doosan Infracore, Develon has unveiled its second machine in its new category. The DD130 is scheduled to hit the market in the third quarter.

Develon announced the new 157-horsepower, 15-metric-ton dozer at ConExpo in March, less than a year after its 122-horsepower, 10-metric-ton DD100 began arriving at dealerships in the U.S.

“The customers are satisfied with the performance, and our Develon team is satisfied with the results,” said Moo Young Park, Develon engineering manager, at ConExpo about the DD100. “The sales numbers we’re getting, we have exceeded our initial expectations. So I think we have hit the right spot with both size dozers to the market.”

Develon describes the DD130 as a mid-size dozer offering a “fine-grading solution for residential and light commercial construction.”

It will have many of the same features as the DD100, including a heavy focus on operator visibility. Both dozers are designed with a precleaner inside the hood, the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler in the rear and a downward sloping narrow front, giving operators a clear view of the blade. The cab also has glass all around.

view from inside cab Develon DD130 dozer to frontThe operator's view from the cab to the blade in Develon's DD130.DevelonStandard features on the DD130 include an 8-inch color touchscreen display, rearview camera, front and rear LED lights, and four "premium wiper blades." The FOPS, ROPS cab tilts electronically for access to components. The dozer can be started even when the cab is tilted.

The seat is adjustable. Controls are electric over hydraulic, enabling such functions as blade shake with the touch of a button. A factory-installed 2D grade control system is optional.

For added grading control, Develon added oscillation to the tracks, which reduces vibration on rough terrain, Park says.

The six-way variable angle pitch blade on the DD130 is about 12 feet wide. Customers get a choice of a standard 4.6-cubic-yard blade or an optional 5.5 cubic yards. 

blade of Develon DD130 dozer up against fake rocks at ConExpoDevelonThe rear of the dozer is equipped with a four-section hydraulic valve for attachments, such as a ripper or towing drawbar. Doosan offers a ripper that the company says “can quickly break up hard, rugged materials prior to grading, and it can be used to install erosion control.”

At ConExpo, the dozer was displayed with optional forestry guarding, which includes a front sweep and roof guard for use in forestry and logging operations. The option will also be available for the DD100.

For service and maintenance, the standard in-line precleaner is integrated with the air cleaner to help increase filter life. A self-cleaning intake system “can expel a variety of debris, including mud, snow, leaves, sawdust and chaff,” Develon says.

The company also made it easier to access parts of the undercarriage that face the most wear. A side panel is removable for greasing the track tension system.

Develon telematics comes standard for monitoring machine data and location by app or website. Dealers can also see the information for notifying customers of upcoming routine service.

ripper on rear Develon DD130 dozerDevelon

Quick specs

The specs below are based on the low ground pressure (LGP) model:

  • Engine: Develon 156.9 gross hp
  • Operating weight: 33,730 lb.
  • Blade height: 43.9 in.
  • Blade width: 143.9 in.
  • Blade angle: 25 degrees
  • Drawbar pull: 48,500 lb.
  • Travel speed, max: 5.6 mph

Develon DD130 dozer on white backgroundDevelon