ASV’s Upgraded RT-50 CTL Gets More Powerful Yanmar Engine

ASV RT-50 compact track loader
The new machine boasts 53.8 horsepower, up 8% from the previous model.

ASV’s mid-size RT-50 Posi-Track loader is now powered by a new 53.8-horsepower Tier 4, 3-cylinder turbocharged Yanmar engine, boasting 8% more power than the previous model.

Geared toward rental centers and contractors working in tight spaces, such as construction, landscaping and snow clearing, the machine has a 58.5-inch width, a 9.1-foot lift height, a 1,400-pound rated operating capacity and a 7.1 mph top speed. The RT-50 can be hauled behind a half-ton pickup or SUV.

The unit has 3,000 psi of auxiliary hydraulic pressure with a flow of 13.3 gallons per minute. The hydraulic system features large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps, all designed to transfer more flow and pressure directly to the attachment to prevent power loss. An optional hydraulic quick attach system allows operators to change attachments from the cab.

The Posi-Track system uses a flexible rubber track with internal positive drive sprockets. The open-rail and drive-sprocket design results in greater traction, longer wear life, and easier and faster undercarriage cleaning, says ASV.

The 3-psi ground-pressure RT-50 has a 14.4-inch ground clearance, which the company says is “higher than any walk-behind or stand-on loader, as well as many larger machines,” allowing the unit to travel over rocks, logs, stumps and other obstacles with less risk of getting hung up. Optional smooth turf tracks minimize the risk of damage.

The RT-50 can operate at full load 100% of the time in temperatures ranging from -40° up to 118° F.  An optional all-weather cab includes heat and air conditioning, while the pressurized cab option provides a cleaner in-cab environment.

Other upgrades include a new frameless front door for improved visibility; a new 4.3-inch color display and standard hydraulic joystick controls; and a new drive transmission, according to ASV.

A rear-tilting hood provides easy access to maintenance points, including filters, oil and fuel tank reservoirs, hydraulic and water separator drains and the battery. ASV dealers can service the Yanmar engine.

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ASV engineered the RT-50 for durability and reduced maintenance. It features a heavy-duty frame and metal-face seals on the front and back to ensure the drive hubs do not require maintenance for the life of the machine. The new wiring harness is routed for additional durability, and the drive hose routing and chassis sealing are designed for reduced rubbing, fewer line breaks and boosted longevity, the company says. 

“We often hear from customers that our RT-50 is the perfect blend of performance and mobility. Now, with the additional horsepower and new convenience features, that performance factor is dialed to 11,” said Buck Storlie, ASV Holdings Inc. product manager. “And that’s before even mentioning the world-renowned reliability of the new Yanmar engine.”

ASV RT-50 rear tilting hood for maintenanceASV