Gravely Unveils Gas-Powered, Stand-On Mini Skid Steers for Small Contractors

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Gravely Axis 100 with load of stones in bucket
Gravely introduced gas-powered Axis 100 compact utility loader models at Equip Expo 2023.

Gas-powered "Swiss Army knives" in the form of stand-on compact utility loaders have been unveiled by Gravely.

The new Axis 100 series, introduced at Equip Expo 2023, runs on a 23.5-horsepower Kohler Command PRO CH730 engine – differing from the Axis 200 series, unveiled earlier this year, which operate on a Kubota D1105 25-horsepower diesel engine.

However, the track Axis 100GT and wheel 100GW feature many of the same features as their diesel-powered counterparts: the Axis 200 DT, Axis 200 DW, and Axis 200 DTN.

Each of the models includes a self-leveling boom/bucket, universal attachment plate, adjustable hydraulics to supply power where needed, track and wheel options, two auxiliary hydraulic ports to drive motor- and cylinder-driven attachments, and a common controls layout.

control panel on Axis 100The Axis series loader models have easy-to-use and intuitive controls with two steering levers & a single joystick for boom control.GravelyThe company says the CULs have easy-to-use and intuitive controls with two steering levers and a single joystick for boom control.

Lift height across the Axis series is approximately 48 inches at a 45-degree angle.

Weighing in at 2,189 pounds, the Axis 100GT track model has a tip load of 1,228 pounds, and the 100GW's is 1,117 pounds.

“In years of drought or reduced business, the Gravely Axis 100 gives more professionals a cost-friendly solution to expand their range of services,” said Grant Wilson, AriensCo director of commercial product. “With a universal attachment mounting plate that supports interchangeable attachments, the Axis 100 is a 'Swiss Army knife.' It scoops, lifts, and transports supplies and material, digs, trenches, and opens multiple new revenue streams without adding labor."

At approximately 40 inches wide and 60.5 inches long (without attachments), both track and wheel models can fit on most open and enclosed trailers. The compact size and lightweight footprint of the Axis reduces potential damage that can be left behind by larger machines.

“We’re thrilled to widen our range of jobsite products with a machine that’s accessible to such a large segment of our customers,” Wilson said. 

Gravely AXIS 100 getting load from dump truckLift height on the range of gas and diesel-powered units is approximately 48-inches.Gravely

Quick Specs

Axis 100GW/Axis 100GT

  • Engine: 23.5 hp Kohler CommandPro CH730 gasoline
  • Weight: 1,855 lbs./2,189 lbs.
  • Speed: 3.1 mph/3.2 mph
  • Tipping capacity: 1,117 lbs./1,228 lbs.
  • Max lift capacity: 558 lbs./430 lbs.

Axis 200 DT/Axis 200 DW

  • Engine: 25 hp Kubota D1105-E3B diesel
  • Weight: 2,525 lbs./2,125 lbs.
  • Speed: 3.5 mph/3.2 mph
  • Tipping capacity: 1,397 lbs./1,262 lbs.
  • Max lift capacity: 489 lbs./631 lbs.

Axis 200 DTN

  • Engine: 25 hp Kubota D1105-E3B diesel
  • Weight: 2,465 lbs.
  • Speed: 5.3 mph
  • Tipping capacity: 1,420 lbs.
  • Max lift capacity: 497 lbs.

Axis 100 GWGravely