Bergmann Expands Compact Dumper Line with C807s, C810s

Bergmann C807s compact dumper
Bergmann C807s compact dumper

Bergmann has expanded its compact dumper lineup with the new 7-ton C807s and 10-ton C810s.

The dumpers feature a 180-degree swivel dump body and a 180-degree swiveling operator station for versatility on congested sites.

The 13,227-pound capacity C807s and 19,842-pound capacity C810s have been equipped with Stage V engines and a floating rear axle for increased driving comfort and performance. Bergmann says the dumper can travel on site roads and rough terrain at speeds up to 18 mph without straining the operator's back.

Operators have an unobstructed view of the work area across the short rear, while a camera system on the C807s further enhances visibility. Access to the operator’s station is at the back of the machine, outside the danger zone.

The optional weather roof protects the operator from the elements in all seasons. When its rollbar is lowered, the dumpers can be transported on a standard flatbed truck, cutting transportation costs. A newly developed full cab is available for year-round comfort.

The C807s is also available with a three-sided tilting flatbed as an alternative to the round skip. Bulk goods can be transported and discharged easier thanks to the built-in telescopic cylinder and the swinging front flaps.

Bergmann’s compact dumper lineup also includes the 5-ton C805s. The new models made their North American debut at ConExpo 2023. (You can see more of what OEMs released at ConExpo 2023 on our show page by clicking here.)

Quick Specs


  • Payload: 13,229 lbs
  • Capacity level: 3.3 ydÂł
  • Capacity heaped: 4.7 ydÂł
  • Total length: 15.01 ft
  • Total width: 6.7 ft
  • Clearance height without beacon light: 10.13 ft (Safety bar); 9.8 ft (Lowerable canopy or full cab)
  • Ground Clearance: 1.07 ft
  • Dumping height: 3.74 ft
  • Load height (front): 5.37 ft
  • Engine power: 73.75 hp


  • Payload: 19,842 lbs
  • Capacity level: 4.7 ydÂł
  • Capacity heaped: 6.0 ydÂł
  • Total length: 16.57 ft
  • Total width: 7.94 ft
  • Clearance height without beacon light: 10.63 ft
  • Ground clearance: 1.03 ft
  • Dumping height: 3.85 ft
  • Load height (front): 6.21 ft
  • Engine power: 100.58 hp