Cummins: Check the Health of Your Engines Anytime, Anyplace

Updated Sep 14, 2021
Cummins Connected Software Updates
Instant access to Cummins’ engine telematics enables you to schedule maintenance tasks.

Given that engines are the main focus of heavy equipment maintenance, it only makes sense to stay connected to them with the latest telematics.

That’s why Cummins has announced that its connected engine solutions are now integrated with some of the top telematics providers including Topcon, Trimble, Saucon and TelliQ.

Cummins Connected Solutions offers two telematics applications for off-highway machines; Connected Diagnostics and Connected Software Updates. Both improve operating performance, boost asset utilization and uptime, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

By wirelessly connecting engines to enable continuous monitoring and diagnosis of system faults, site managers can make informed decisions on whether to stop machine operation or continue to the end of the shift when fault codes appear. Diagnostics also enable managers to understand how long they have before an issue is likely to cause a breakdown or critical failure. This maximizes uptime by making sure the correct parts, tools, and technician can be slotted into the maintenance schedule and resolve issues with minimal disruptions.

Connected Software Updates deliver over-the-air engine software updates and product enhancements to Cummins Performance Series engines from anywhere, using integrated telematics systems and over-the-air connectivity services. This eliminates the need for on-site technician visits typically associated with this task. ECMs can be calibrated while the equipment is on site, using as little as five minutes of stationary downtime.

Cummins recognizes that a number of Cummins engine customers have their own telematics capability and has designed their digital applications to integrate with customer systems as well. This ensures that the OEM and Cummins telematics feeds can be accessed on one web portal via a single interface. OEMs that don’t have a telematics system of their own, can select one of the telematics service providers that Cummins is working with to gain easy access to all the J1939 public data to manage the engines in their machines.