Sandvik, Steelwrist Partner on Tiltrotator Adaptor Plates for Rammer Hammers

sandvik hammer
Changing from a Sandvik hammer to a different attachment can be done in seconds from the cab thanks to the company’s partnership with Steelwrist.

Getting out of the cab to change an attachment on an excavator is a drag on productivity. And let’s not forget that every time you step out of the cab, you increase the risk of a slip or fall, the number one type of accident on a construction site — or the risk of getting hit by another machine.

Automatic couplers are an increasingly popular solution, and Sandvik just announced that it will start offering Steelwrist SQ-type tiltrotator adaptor plates for its Rammer brand of hydraulic hammers directly from the factory during the third quarter of 2021. Rammer hydraulic hammers are suitable for carriers in the 0.6-to-120-ton operating weight class.

With a fully automatic adaptor plate, the operator can release one attachment and lock onto and pick up another in seconds using nothing but the hydraulic controls in the cab. Not only is safety enhanced, but productivity increases, especially when you have just one operator in one machine performing multiple jobs.

The Sandvik and Steelwrist SQ Auto Connection System will be compliant with the global Open-S standard for tiltrotators.

Adopted in 2020, the Open-S industrial standard aims to be brand agnostic. Attachments, adaptor plates and tiltrotators that adhere to this standard can be used with OEM work tools and switch between attachments from OEMs that also abide by the standard.

The Open-S alliance is managed by an independent organization and a council of engineers from member companies.