Doosan now offers Trimble Earthworks excavator machine control as a plug-and-play factory option

doosan excavator
Trimble and Doosan’s partnership lets the factory handle the installs so you can focus on getting excavator grade control up and running on day one.

The easiest and fastest way to jump into grade control technology on a machine is to have it installed at the factory. To that end, Trimble and Doosan Infracore have announced that Doosan will offer the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform for Excavators as a factory-installed machine control option in the North American market.

Trimble Earthworks is the software that automatically controls the bucket or boom of the machine to stay on a grade designated on a digital site plan. With the software, when the excavator is placed in the automatic mode, the operator controls the stick and the software guides the boom and bucket, ensuring that the grade is maintained.

This eliminates time- and fuel-wasting over-digging and the need to recompact or re-grade the bottom of a trench or slope. It also boosts safety by eliminating the rod man in the trench to measure depth. Jobs are completed faster and with greater precision.

In choosing the 2D factory option, Doosan excavator customers get a complete plug-and-play system with a 10-inch Android tablet and Trimble hardware running the Earthworks software application plus all the hydraulics, sensors and electronics ready to roll. All the operator has to do is turn the system on, bench the bucket and start grading to the digital plan.  

Customers can also upgrade to a 3D system by contacting their local Sitech dealer (Trimble's distribution network) for the upgrade installation as well as training and technical support.