Haul paving equipment, excavators with the new Fontaine Workhorse 55PVR trailer

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Fontaine Workhorse 55PVR trailer

Fontaine Heavy-Haul has launched a new trailer geared for roadbuilding contractors that enables easier loading of paving equipment and excavators.

The 55-ton capacity Workhorse 55PVR has a low, 9-degree front ramp at the deck and 16-degree deck-to-bogie transition ramps for loading and unloading paving equipment, such as milling machines, pavers and compactors with low ground clearance. The bogie center platform can also be removed with a four-point lift system to create a low boom well for transporting excavators.

Fontaine Workhorse 55PVR trailerThe flat-deck trailer can haul 55 tons at 16 feet or 50 tons in 12 feet with three or four axles close coupled, the company says. It features a hydraulic removable gooseneck that can be connected and disconnected on uneven ground, the company says.

Fontaine also recently introduced the new Magnitude 55L lowbed trailer.

Because the 55L is 2,000 pounds lighter than the previous design, you can carry up to an additional ton without a spread axle configuration.

The 55L has a 26-foot deck, offers 6 inches of ground clearance and a loaded deck height of 18 inches. Read more about it here.

55PVR Quick specs

  • Overall length: 53 feet
  • Overall width: 8 feet 6 inches
  • Deck length: 24 feet
  • Loaded deck height: 22 inches
  • Loaded deck ground clearance: 6 inches
  • Flooring: 1.5-inch apitong wood
  • Standard trailer axles: 3