Toro’s new tracked Swivel Mud Buggy takes a twist with 180-degree dumping

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Updated Oct 31, 2020
Toro Swivel Mud Buggy 3

Toro Swivel Mud Buggy

Toro launched its first tracked site dumper in 2017, the MB TX 2500 Mud Buggy.

Three years later, the company brings a new twist to its lineup of stand-on material movers. The new Swivel Mud Buggy builds off that same TX 2500 frame, but adds a redesigned tub that can swivel 180 degrees. Materials can be dumped anywhere within that 180-degree range, the company says.

The swivel action is controlled on the right-hand control handle, which allows for simultaneous operation of the dumper. The operator also does not have to wait for the tub to return to forward position before traveling, with the auto-return dump feature.

Toro Swivel Mud BuggyThe tub on the new buggy is thicker, made of 3/8-inch polyethylene material, and can carry 2,500 pounds of material, including sand, rock, mulch and cement. The tub’s volume is 16 cubic feet.

The 1,575-pound swivel buggy keeps the same 25-horsepower Kohler Confidant engine as the TX 2500 and reaches the same 6 mph in forward and 3 pm in reverse speeds. It also has the Endless Kevlar reinforced tracks for traversing hills, culverts and ditches. Toro says it can handle mud, gravel and snow, as well.

Toro says it gave the swivel buggy service points, belts, hydraulics, battery and engine compartments that are easy to access.

Toro Swivel Mud Buggy

Toro Swivel Mud Buggy