Dynapac’s small CC1400 VI tandem vibratory roller can do driveways and follow paver

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Updated Jun 6, 2020

Dynapac CC1400 VI Asphalt RollerDynapac considers its new CC1400 VI tandem vibratory roller an intermediate machine for such jobs as driveways, patchwork and parking lots.

Yet the compactor also comes with dual amplitude, usually found on larger rollers, says Fredrik Akesson, rollers product portfolio manager, during an interview at ConExpo 2020.

“This is still at a size where you can move without having the big trailers and the big trucks,” Akesson says.

But it also carries some of the advantages of a larger roller, he adds. “This one actually has the muscle to follow one of the smaller pavers and be more of a production machine.”

The compactor enters the 4.3-ton class and has a 54-inch drum width. Dynapac also boosted drum diameter to prevent asphalt from being shoveled in front of the drum and causing transversal cracks. The mechanical adjustable off-set function of the front frame, from 0 to 2 inches, enables compacting close to high curbs with less risk of machine damage, and it increases the surface capacity to eliminate marks in the mat, Dynapac says. An asphalt temperature meter is optional to help improve compaction quality.

For the operator, Dynapac reduced platform vibration. The driving levers also enable vibration on and off control. Operation is also governed by keypad and display. The operator’s area has a storage box, a 12-volt outlet and a can holder. Options include a sliding seat, heated seat, a foldable canopy and dual ergonomic control levers.

The water system comes with a 79.2-gallon tank. A sensor alerts the operator when the tank is nearing empty. Dynapac gave the pressurized sprinkler system a three-stage filtration process to deliver clean water as well as prevent nozzle clogs.

The compactor runs on a 49-horsepower Kubota engine that uses a diesel particulate filter to meet Tier 4 Final emissions requirements. The CC1400 VI is also available as a combination roller with a front drum and four rubber wheels in the rear.