LiuGong launches new F-Series excavators with electro-hydraulic control, improved cooling

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Updated Sep 15, 2019
LiuGong 922FLiuGong 922F

LiuGong has launched its sixth generation of F-series excavators with sizes ranging from 1.8 to over 100 tons.

The company is stressing improvements in technology for its lineup. Those improvements include an electronically controlled hydraulic system designed for better management of flow distribution. An intelligent cooling system that adjusts fan speed to water, oil and intercooler temperatures. The technologies combine to reduce oil consumption by 15 to 20 percent compared to their predecessors and improve operating efficiency, the company says.

LiuGong says it also added “intelligent monitoring, detection, prediction and remote control.” This allows “monitoring of bucket trajectory, construction guidance, assisted excavation, automatic weighing” to improve efficiency and work quality while avoiding repeated operation, the company says. “The excavators also adopt new electronic fence technology that ensures safer construction.”

New models in the F-series include:



LiuGong 9018FLiuGong 9018F

The 9018F is the smallest in the lineup at 1.8 tons. It can fit through passages 3.3 feet wide and can be used indoors. It features an adjustable and locked hydraulic system with maximum pump displacement, a load-sensitive hydraulic system, configured variable track and swing-arm deflection, the company says. The engine hood is designed to open for easy maintenance.



LiuGong 9025FLiuGong 9025F

The 3-ton 9025F is designed for working narrow spaces with its zero tail swing and swing-arm deflection and can be used indoors. Other features include an adjusted load-sensitive hydraulic system, fully open engine hood for easier maintenance, an open-top closed cab and optional electronically controlled proportional pipelines with adjustable maximum displacement to match different accessories.



LiuGong 906FLiuGong 906F

The 6-ton 906F is designed for rural and urban uses. The company says it gave the excavator a simple look and focused on low oil consumption and high operating efficiency. The Yanmar engine features electronic throttle control and automatic idle. Other excavator features include load-sensitive hydraulics, a dust-proof ROPS cab designed for operator comfort, a rear engine cover that fully opens and easy access to parts for maintenance.


922F and 926F

LiuGong 926FLiuGong 926F

The 22-ton 922F and 25-ton 926F feature a fully electronically controlled hydraulic system and intelligent heat-dissipation technology. The company says it designed the excavators for “high operating efficiency, low oil consumption and low noise.” They can be used for such tasks as excavation, leveling, crushing and lifting. The cab includes a touch display and integrated control panel for easier operation. Daily maintenance points are positioned at ground level.

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LiuGong 936FLiuGong 936F

LiuGong designed the 40-ton 936F for mining. The excavator can be equipped with a variety of accessories, the company says. LiuGong added features for greater efficiency, lower maintenance costs and increased safety and comfort. An intelligently controlled variable-speed fan motor reduces energy consumption, the company says. The hydraulic system is electronically controlled. The bucket is designed for low resistance and a large capacity. The 936F also features a touchscreen and integrated control panel and dual maintenance access.



LiuGong 990FLiuGong 990F

LiuGong designed the bucket arm of the 102-ton 990F for greater digging force for working in mines and quarries. A swing arm that moves up and down improves excavation, hammering and leveling efficiency, the company says. The excavator features independent reverse cooling fans and oil bath prefilters for dusty environments. As with other excavators in the series, the 990F has an electronically controlled hydraulic system for efficiency and low oil consumption. The company says the excavator also features a heavy-duty structure and crushing design.