Komatsu expands semi-auto excavator lineup with new PC290LCi-11

Updated Jun 2, 2019

komatsu excavator PC290LCi-11

Komatsu has added a new model to its lineup of excavators equipped with the company’s intelligent Machine Control sensor package.

The new 30-ton PC290LCi-11 is powered by a 6.69-liter Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine delivering 196 horsepower and Tier 4 Final compliance through these of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). You can see the full specs of the machine here.

The model that this new iMC-equipped machine is built upon, the PC290LC-11, was first introduced in 2014. It’s a few thousand pounds heavier than that original machine, but features the same engine and hydraulics package.

Komatsu senior product manager for tracked equipment, Andrew Earing, says the company added the PC290-11 to its iMC lineup for customers “looking for good stability and working range, while avoiding the transportation limits of larger-size-class excavators.”

iMC excavators have fully integrated, factory installed GPS/GNSS systems that allow for either 2D or 3D automated digging. GPS/GNSS antennae on the counterweight end of the machine receive satellite positioning information that corresponds to a 3D topographical map stored in the machine’s monitor.

Komatsu pc290 excavator

Stroke sensing hydraulics on the boom, stick and bucket along with inertial measurement units (IMUs) tie in with the GPS/GNSS data to enable you to see in real time exactly where the cutting edge of the bucket is relative to the design. In the manual mode you can work the joysticks to cut your material to the profile shown on the monitor. In semi-automatic mode, the machine’s hydraulics take over and cut a perfect pass to the design grade.

The result of all of this technology is that an operator cannot over-dig or cut a profile other than what’s detailed on the 3D topo map loaded into the excavator’s computer.

As an iMC machine, the PC290LCi-11 features a few in-cab distinctions from the regular PC290LC-11 model, including special iMC joysticks and a larger control display.

The iMC joysticks allow for easy switching between semi-auto and manual modes while the display measures 12.1 inches, features touch navigation and provides the operator with a wealth of machine and diagnostic information.

komatsu PC290LC-11 excavator

The machine also features the following iMC capabilities:

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  • Auto Grade Assist: As the operator moves the arm, the boom adjusts the bucket height automatically, tracing the target surface and minimizing digging too deep.
  • Auto Stop Control: During boom and bucket operation, the work equipment automatically stops when the bucket edge reaches the design surface, thus minimizing design surface damage.
  • Minimum Distance Control: The machine controls the bucket by automatically selecting the point on the bucket closest to the target surface. If the machine is not facing a sloped surface at a right angle, it will still follow the target surface and minimize digging below it.
  • Facing Angle Compass: The orientation of the facing angle compass’ arrow shows the operator the facing angle, relative to target surface. This allows the bucket edge to be accurately positioned square with the target surface.
  • Realistic 3D Display: The machine and design surfaces are shown in realistic 3D. The angle and magnification of the views can be changed, allowing the operator to select the optimum view, depending on work conditions.

Komatsu covers the PC290LCi-11 with a three-year/2,000-hour warranty that includes scheduled factory maintenance, a 50-point inspection at each service, up to two complimentary Komatsu DPF exchanges and up to two DEF tank flushes.

The PC290LCi-11 brings the number of iMC-equipped Komatsu excavators to five. You can read more of our coverage about iMC excavator technology here.