Hilti showcases new cordless demo tools, sidewinder saw, and a new wall saw

Updated Feb 12, 2019
TE 300-A36TE 300-A36

Hilti put its cordless prowess on full display at the recent World of Concrete show with a full slate of tools for concrete chipping, drilling and even carpentry.

What the company claims is the world’s first cordless chipper, the Hilti TE 300-A36 takes its juice from a 36-volt/9-amp-hour battery platform for long run times on chipping applications where controlled-force impacts are important. It has a brushless motor, active vibration reduction and a hammering frequency of 4,500 impacts per minute.

TE 60-A36 SDS maxTE 60-A36 SDS max

The new TE 60-A36 SDS max combihammer from Hilti uses the same battery platform for drilling, breaking, chiseling, coring, driving ground rods and metal stakes for formwork; and with the right attachments for digging and tamping in narrow spaces. Likewise it has a brushless motor and active vibration and torque control to protect the user. The TE 60 A36 is OSHA compliant when used with Hilti’s dust removal systems.

SC 60W-A36SC 60W-A36

When it comes to circular saws a lot of guys prefer the sidewinder/worm gear drive tool which makes the blade easily visible on the left side of the saw. Hilti has obliged by introducing the SC 60W-A36. Although cordless and powered by the Hilti 36 volt battery system, the Hilti Wormdrive Style Circular Saw has a similar weight and balance to traditional worm drive saws.


One of the more cumbersome challenges to using a wall saw is moving the power box from cut to cut and job to job. Hilti’s new DST 20-CA Wall Saw integrates the power box electronics in the saw head to simplify transport and eliminate lengthy set up times. The company claims a 30 percent increase in power over previous models and up to three times the starting torque. The cordless remote control and CutAssist system helps the operator achieve quality cuts in minimum time while standing at a safe distance from flying debris and water.