Milwaukee’s new cordless M18 Fuel rotary hammer chips half-ton per charge

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Updated Nov 6, 2018

Milwaukee Tool's Cordless Rotary HammerMilwaukee Tool says its new cordless M18 Fuel 1-3/4-inch Rotary Hammer represents the company’s fastest drilling and hardest hitting SDS Max rotary hammer, equaling the power of a 15-amp corded hammer of the same size.

The hammer can chip a half-ton of material per charge, the company says. It also comes with One-Key that allows users to track the hammer’s location by mobile device in case it is missing. The app updates the drill’s records and location when any device with One-Key comes within 100 feet of the hammer. The app can also lock and disable the tool remotely and track its performance.

The company says it has achieved a breakthrough in cordless technology with its new M18 RedLithium High Output HD12.0 Battery. The battery pack provides 50 percent more power, runs 50 percent cooler, and delivers 33 percent more run-time than its HD9.0 Battery. It is compatible with more than 150 other M18 tools by Milwaukee.

The higher power battery allows the hammer to be used on jobs that primarily require a corded hammer. “Due to the vast advantages of M18 Fuel cordless technology, we’re able to change all of that with the best performing rotary hammer in our company’s history, which not only boasts the benefits of no cords or generators but also drills faster than corded,” says Kevin Gee, senior product manager.

Milwaukee also added its AutoStop safety feature. Its electromagnetic clutch automatically kicks in during lockup to prevent over-rotation. It also minimizes potential rotation to only 45 degrees.

The M18 Fuel 1-3/4-inch Rotary Hammer delivers 2,900 blows per minute; 380 rpm; and 8.1 foot-pounds of impact energy.

It weighs 23 pounds, is 19.1 inches long and 22.6 inches high.