Daniel Mfg.’s custom-built Mini Exca-Beak gets under and pries out concrete, grabs large loads

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Updated Aug 25, 2018
The Mini Exca-Beak attachment for small excavators by Daniel Mfg.The Mini Exca-Beak attachment for small excavators by Daniel Mfg.

The new Mini Exca-Beak from Daniel Mfg. is designed for removing concrete and handling large loads of material, especially when trenching.

The attachment can dig under the concrete section, pry it up and then grab the block for removal.

The company says the attachment is available for all major brands of compact excavators, as a miniature version of its Exca-Beak. Daniel says it custom builds the Mini Exca-Beak to fit your machine.

The attachment’s “fork grapple design features crowbar style forks that increase leverage when prying out concrete and a robust jaw that utilizes the full power of the machine’s hydraulic force to secure large loads of material,” the company says.

Its heavy-duty 3-inch cylinder is held in place with 1.25-inch diameter heat-treated pins. All hydraulic components are pressure tested for quality before shipping, the company says.

The Mini Exca-Beak weighs 220 pounds. Its jaw opens 25.5 inches. Overall fork length is 22 inches and 18 inches wide. The attachment is made of high-strength steel.

The video below shows how the Mini Exca-Beak can dig an indoor trench:

Mini Exca-Beak in action attached to 35DMini Exca-Beak