Snorkel lightens S3215L electric scissor lift yet adds capacity

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Updated Aug 21, 2018

Snorkel S3215L electric scissor liftSnorkel designed its S3215L electric scissor lift to be lighter than conventional scissor lifts, the company says.

The 3215L consists of aluminum and other lighter materials where possible to lessen the weight and floor load yet maintain durability, the company says. The result is a 2,100-pound lift with a floor loading of 195 pounds per square foot at full capacity.

The lift is 600 pounds lighter than Snorkel’s S3215E, yet has the same maximum platform height of 15 feet, and 70 pounds more capacity at 670 pounds. The platform is also about 9 inches longer. It is the lightest scissor lift with a 15-foot platform height in the 2018-2019 Equipment World Spec Guide and Yearbook, which comes out in October.

The S3215L is viewed as an alternative to traditional low-level tools, such as ladders, scaffolding towers and podiums. The lift is geared for construction jobsites, as well as indoor work. At inches 32 inches wide it can be driven through doorways. It has a stowed height of  75.25 inches. Tires are nonmarking solid rubber.

The aluminum platform features saloon-door-style entry gates and dual lanyard attachment points.

Other features include descent alarm, all motion alarm, hour meter and onboard diagnostics display, integrated battery charger, battery condition indicator, and crane and forklift points.