Manitowoc debuts NBT50L Series boom trucks with truck crane hybrid models

Updated Jun 14, 2018

Manitowoc‘s latest National Crane boom truck lineup made its world premiere at a recent media event in Shady Grove, Pennsylvania. The company says the new NBT50L series of cranes offers a longer reach than the NBT50 series it replaces.

On hand at the media event was the new NBT55L, one of four total models in the new crane lineup which also includes the NBT50L, NTC50L and the NTC55L.

Each of the new cranes offer a 46m (151-foot) boom and a maximum tip height of 48m (158 ft.). The cranes also offer a class-leading working capacity of 10,000 pounds when the boom is fully extended at a 10.7m (35-ft.) radius.

The longer boom comes at the request of customers, says Bob Ritter, Manitowoc product engineering manager for boom trucks.

“With the NBT50L Series, we’ve delivered the boom length that our customers have been asking for,” he says. “And added reach is only the beginning. These cranes also offer three different lifting configurations, improved stability, higher capacity-at-reach and easier serviceability, all with the goal of enabling companies to win and complete more projects with a single crane than ever before.”

Maniwotoc says the extra reach reduces the need to swing a jib on the jobsite, ultimately saving time for operators. The NBT50L series cranes also feature an 11m (36-foot) offsettable lattice jib, which the company says is a first for the National Crane brand.

Each crane’s model name denotes its rating—50 U.S. tons or 55 USt. The NTC models are a truck crane/boom truck hybrid configuration, and offer four outrigger setups, including a 6m (20 ft.) “truck crane” footprint for tighter jobsite requirements.

The NBT50L Series cranes also feature a new superstructure design that Manitowoc says reduces deflection and offers higher lifting capacities and more operator confidence while lifting. Other new features on the cranes include:

  • 20-degree hydraulically tilting cab
  • Removable counterweight system
  • Internal anti-two-block woring

A two-camera system and a wireless wind-speed sensor are available options. The NTC models can be purchased as part of the NTC Value package which bundles both the camera system and wind sensor together at one price.