Estwing debuts extensive lineup of sledgehammers with handles and heads for any application

Updated May 16, 2018
Estwing 75 fiberglass striking landscape
Estwing Indestructible handle.Estwing Indestructible handle.

It’s been a long time since Cool Hand Luke had to sledgehammer rocks on a highway crew, but heavy hammers are still useful and necessary tools in any shop or construction site. And while sledgehammers may seem like just a brute tool, you’d be well advised, for safety purposes and to prevent long-term ergonomic damage, to choose the right handle, weight and head material for each specific application.

Estwing has just the ticket with a new line of sledgehammers offering a choice of handle and head types.

The handle on the Indestructible line is made of spring steel bar and vulcanized rubber that absorbs impact and vibration. Head sizes range from 2.5-pounds to 20-pounds and handles range from 12-inches to 36-inches. The Indestructibles also offer a hard face, soft face, copper, brass and machinists’ heads plus a tire bead breaker and club.

Hard faced heads are typically used in destructive applications. Soft face hammers are more suited to striking metal objects without the risk of metal pieces breaking off and endangering the worker. Copper and brass faced hammer heads and machinists’ heads can be used to shape metal without damaging it.

Estwing Fiberglass handle.Estwing Fiberglass handle.

The Fiberglass handle models are double injected for increased strength, durability and overstrike protection. Induction hardened heads include a hard face and soft face models. Weights go from 2.5- to 20-pounds and handles from 16- to 36 inches.

For the combination of stiffness and shock absorption only wood provides, the Hickory handle lineup also offers hard and soft face models plus brass, copper and machinists’ versions.  These also run from 2.5- to 20-pounds with 16- to 36-inch handles.

Estwing Hickory handle.Estwing Hickory handle.