Cat intros INV2000 inverter generator for pro and home use

Updated Dec 15, 2017
The INV2000 produces 1,800 watts when running.The INV2000 produces 1,800 watts when running.

Caterpillar is again expanding its Home and Outdoor Power lineup of generators with a portable inverter generator.

The INV2000 represents the first inverter generator Cat has produced. The compact model weighs only 49 pounds for easy storage and around-the-house use, but boasts enough power for contractor and other professional uses.

The INV2000 produces 1,800 watss when running and 2,250 watts when starting. Cat says the generator produces 12.5 percent more power than leading competitive models and can power a campsite as well as many small- to mid-sized power tools.

Noise levels are between 52-61 decibels depending on the load and Cat says the generator produces ultra-clean power “that will safely power the most sensitive electronics.”

The generator features an easy-start switch with integrated choke, multiple outlets, operational indicator lights and LED illumination on the control panel. Outlets include two GCI 120V 20A outlets, two USB ports and a 12V battery charging outlet. Cat includes a cable for charging automotive style batteries as well.

Cat says the INV2000 provides 6 hours of continuous run time on one tank of fuel at 50 percent load. The generator is available at