Atlas Copco launches 30 new high-flow dewatering pumps

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Updated Oct 23, 2017
Atlas Copco’s PAS dewatering pump on an open trailer.Atlas Copco’s PAS dewatering pump on an open trailer.

Atlas Copco is capitalizing on its 2016 acquisition of Varisco by adding more than 30 new high-capacity pumps.

The new products include three models of centrifugal dry prime pumps that can handle flows up to 6,164 gallons per minute.

The pumps come in wet and dry prime models for construction, drainage and emergency conditions. There are also specialized models for well-point applications and pumping abrasive liquids and bentonite mud.

The company’s new piston positive displacement pump is designed for use when well-point volume and depth are low, as it can run dry without damaging internal parts, the company says.

The company says the pumps carry the Atlas Copco brand, but Varisco’s name is retained for the VAR lineup of centrifugal wet prime pumps and the industrial pumps.

“Since acquiring Varisco, we’ve established a consistent presence in the dewatering market,” says Joe Moser, pumps product manager at Atlas Copco Construction Equipment North America.

All the pumps can be supplied with diesel or electric engines, the company says. Depending on the range, they can be supplied on a standard pump block, a basic or flexi-skid, or as part of a trailer, crate or container.

Atlas Copco also overhauled its WEDA+ range of portable, submersible pumps. The five new pumps in the range reduce power consumption by 20 percent from previous models.