What to see at ICUEE 2017: Auto Crane, Bandit, Knapheide and Morooka in Area N

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Updated Sep 21, 2017

ICUEE is preparing for record exhibit space for the Oct. 3-5 Demo Show at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville. In the run-up to the show we’ll be providing a series of sneak peeks to give you an idea of what to look for at the show. To check out the rest of the ICUEE 2017 preview articles, click here.

Here is a sample of some of the equipment ICUEE attendees will see in Area N:

Auto Crane, booth N1014

Auto Crane Nex StarAuto Crane’s NexStar crane management telematics system tracks preventive maintenance needs on cranes and accessories, allows fleet managers to monitor equipment and provides historical data on equipment. The information feeds seamlessly into third-party telematics modules that are already integrated into the trucks, the company says.

Bandit Industries, booth N1006

Bandit 12XPC chipperBandit 12XPC chipper

Bandit’s Intimidator 12XPC hand-fed chipper is for professionals focused on trimming, but it can chip material up to 12 inches in diameter. It has a flow rate of 120 feet per minute, converting brush into dimensional chips. Along with the 12XPC, Bandit will bring its new ZT1844 track stump grinder, designed to be compact but handle large stumps.

Knapheide, booth N2046

Knapheide KMT2 mechanic truckKnapheide KMT2 mechanic truck

Knapheide plans to bring its KMT1 and KMT2 mechanic trucks. The KMT1 is designed to handle crane load capacities of up to 7,500 pounds. The KMT2 has a crane support system that transfers lift forces into the torsion box understructure and not the body to reduce the risk of damaging the body while lifting, the company says. Knapheide will also display a service body with a Dur-a-lift DTAX-39 Bucket, as well as custom utility body builds.

Morooka, booth N3103

Morooka MST1500VDL aerial carrierMorooka MST1500VDL aerial carrier

Morooka USA will display its full line of new utility aerial carriers, which range from 42 to 125 feet of aerial capacity. Carrier models on display include the MST1500VDL, which accommodates aerials up to 50 feet long, and the 4500VDL, which provides a work platform for aerials up 125 feet. The carriers are powered by Caterpillar or Kubota engines and can be converted to tool carriers, among other options.