Bandit’s compact ZT1844 grinder tackles big stumps

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Updated Aug 10, 2017
Bandit ZT1844 compact stump grinderBandit ZT1844 compact stump grinder

Bandit Industries’ new ZT1844 track stump grinder is a compact machine designed to handle large stumps.

The grinder has a wider swing arc that covers more area. It has a taller grinding height, and a deeper grinding depth for getting to the roots of large stumps, the company says.

The grinder’s 18-inch diameter cutter wheel features Greenteeth, a tooth and pocket system that allows operators to rotate the tooth with a standard wrench to provide a fresh cutting edge. It also has a rubber tracking undercarriage that can traverse rough terrain yet not damage lawns.

The grinder comes standard with a 26-horsepower Kohler gasoline engine. A 38-horsepower Kohler is optional. Both engines have electronic fuel injection.