Komatsu intros WA200-8 loader with quick coupler, lower fuel use

Updated Aug 12, 2017

Komatsu Wa200 8 Downhill Close Up

Calling the new loader “versatile” and “useful in virtually any application,” Komatsu has introduced the WA200-8 with improvements to fuel efficiency and operator comfort.

Powered by a 4.46 liter, 126-horsepower Komatsu SAA4D107E-3 Tier 4 Final engine, the WA200-8 can drop fuel consumption by up to 4 percent in V-cycle and in load-and-carry applications. Further aiding in reducing fuel consumption is programmable auto idle shutdown.

The engine is paired with a hydrostatic drivetrain with variable traction control. Placing the WA200-8 into S-mode reduces wheel spin, boosting performance in snow, icy or slippery conditions.

The machine features a parallel lift linkage with ample breakout force and can be used for anything from pallet handling to hard digging, Komatsu says. The machine also features a change-on-the-fly coupler allowing operators to switch between attachments and tasks quickly.

Komatsu Wa200 8 Lifting

Komatsu has also added a knob on the console for easy control of creep mode in first gear. The knob allows the operator to dial in travel speed from 1 to 8 miles per hour and is ideal for running attachments such as brooms.

Komatsu product manager Frank Nyquist calls the WA200-8 “a massive upgrade in operator comfort.” Inside the cab, operators will find a new high-back heated seat that softens vibrations along with an auxiliary audio jack and two 12-volt ports.

A 7-inch LCD monitor provides guidance on fuel use in addition to Komatsu’s Komtrax telematics data including DPF status, DEF levels and performance information. Komtrax data can be collected and sorted by operator ID. A second color monitor dedicated to providing the operator a view of the rear of the machine comes standard as well.

The WA200-8 also features a swing out, hydraulically-driven cooling fan with wider fin spacing and auto-reverse for easier cleaning. Gull-wing engine doors provide easy access for daily checks and service items. Full-rear fenders are an available option.

Komatsu Wa200 8 Coming Downhill