Meticulous Cat D11 Lego RC custom build nails details down to the C32 engine

Updated Aug 6, 2016

Our love for heavy equipment extends from the full-size machines all the way down to the scale models and their remote control counterparts. And one of the things we especially like to see are the amazing creations skilled Lego “engineers” are able to come up with.

And while it’s cool that Volvo Construction Equipment worked closely with Lego to produce a very detailed, L350F wheel loader RC set, it’s amazing when a hobbyist puts the time into figuring out how to replicate a machine’s details on their own.

Davy Linden is one such builder. His Cat D11 is one of the coolest Lego creations we’ve seen yet. Though it doesn’t weigh in at more than 100 tons like the real D11, at 24 inches long and 8 pounds, this 1:11 scale model is a huge Lego creation and took Linden four months to complete.

Like the official Lego build of the Volvo L350F, this D11 can be driven via remote control. But what makes it special is how detailed it is.

The dozer is driven by twin motors and, through a tiny pneumatic system, can raise, lower and tilt both the blade and the ripper.

Apart from functionality, the model also features LEDs in each spot where a real D11 would have lighting, features custom-made Cat decals and even includes a replica of the Cat C32 ACERT engine that provides 913 gross horsepower to the real D11.