Newly acquired by Yokohama, ATG showcases excavator, SSL tires at Bauma

Updated Apr 13, 2016

ATG Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS Skid Steer tires

Beefy BabyBeefy Baby

Five months after being acquired by tire giant Yokohama, Alliance Tire Group is showing two new tires for the construction industry here at the Bauma show in Munich.

Founded in 2012 from the Alliance, Galaxy and Primex brands (whose histories stretch back more than 50 years), ATG will remain an independent business unit within Yokohama with very little overlap with its parent company’s lineup.

Under its Galaxy brand, ATG has released a solid construction tire for skid steers called the Beefy Baby SDS.

These tires do not puncture or burst and they offer higher payloads and four times the lifespan of pneumatic SSL tires.

The tires are available with or without apertures, which can increase operator comfort and reduce heat build-up during applications on hard surfaces. However, opting for apertures shouldn’t be done if payload capacity is a priority, as Beefy Baby tires without apertures have a load capacity 15 percent higher than those with apertures.

Alliance Dual MasterAlliance Dual Master

Beefy Baby tires are available in two sizes: 31Ă—10-20 and 33Ă—12-20 for rim size 7.50-20. The former replaces pneumatic tires sized 10-16.5 while the latter replaces those sized 12-16.5.

The second tire released is under ATG’s Alliance brand. The new Dual Master A 506 excavator radial tires feature an all-steel radial construction that provide better puncture protection, stability, flotation, smoother running at higher speeds and higher carrying capacities.

ATG says the Dual Master tires were developed to handle the growing size and capacities of wheeled excavators. They feature a flatter sidewall profile and because there is no need to mount protecting spacers between them, the ingress ion of stones between a pair of the tires is effectively prevented, ATG says.

The Dual Masters have an expected life of about 6,800 working hours and it’s non-directional tread design features excellent retreadability.