Atlas Copco CA1400 soil roller offers compact size, application versatility

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Mar 21, 2016

Atlas Copco’s new CA1400 66-inch drum soil roller offers two speeds and amplitudes, designed for a variety of applications, including pipe trenches, roads, streets, steep slopes and parking lots. Using adjustable settings, operators can adjust to different lift thicknesses by changing the amplitude between .032 inches and .067 inches.

Img 0236Because of its compact size, the CA1400 works well for compacting materials on large building foundations and industrial construction sites, and gives operators the gradability to maneuver up and down steep slopes.

With flotation tires, a diff lock and a drum drive system, the machine maintains high traction in forward and reverse.

The roller comes with either a smooth or padfoot drum. With a static linear load of 112 pounds per linear inch, it can compact thin layers of materials such as silt, clay and gravel. In addition, sand and gravel can be compacted as deep at 20 inches with minimal passes. The PD version of the roller will compact silt and clay at a depth of 18 inches.

To ease maintenance and distribute the machine’s weight more evenly, the 75-horsepower Kubota engine sits perpendicular to the machine’s frame. The sideways engine mount also contributes to the rollers smaller footprint and helps transport and jobsite maneuverability. A 12-volt outlet within the engine compartment can power lights, assisting maintenance in nighttime or low-light situations.

The CA1400’s ECO Mode rpm-management system reduces fuel consumption by as much as 15 percent, Atlas copco says. Operators can also choose to switch the engine to run at high rpms for heavy climbing or starting the vibratory function of the roller.