Vermeer’s new FTX25 takes aim at residential footings market

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Mar 28, 2016

Vermeer FTX25 footings trencher

Based on the platform of Vermeer’s compact utility loader, the company’s new FTX25 footings trencher is a stand-on, track-mounted unit built to dig footings up to 26 inches deep and up to 12 inches wide.

Vermeer FTX25 footings trencher“This is a rental unit directly aimed at the housing market,” says Todd Roorda with Vermeer. “Rental is huge in the concrete footing market, and we think we’re hitting the strong housing market at the right time.”

Vermeer’s hydraulic system is purpose designed for trenching; added controls make it easy for the operator to precisely steer the machine, necessary when digging footings.

The trencher boom can be repositioned from offset to center mount so the machine also can be used for common trenching jobs, such as installing irrigation.

With the footings trencher, Vermeer says it is offering a better alternative to using a compact excavator to dig footings. Trenchers can cut to the exact dimensions and specifications required, only moving the amount of dirt necessary. Compact excavators, on the other hand, can leave uneven trench walls, and operators may overdig with these machines, removing more dirt than necessary. And overdigging can result in the use of more concrete, leading to additional costs.

The FTX25 has two boom lengths, 20 inches or 26 inches, and the variable-position boom can be offset up to 2 inches outside the track undercarriage. This allows the operator to trench flush with the footing backer or form board. The unit’s hydraulic moroto eliminates the need for chains, which in turn, helps reduce both wear and maintenance.

The unit has a 25-horsepower Kohler engine. Overall machine width is 36 inches with 7-inch tracks or 40 inches with 9-inch tracks.