Liebherr debuts truck-mounted 37 Z4 XXT concrete pump at World of Concrete

Updated Feb 9, 2016
Liebherr 37 Z4 XXT 1

Liebherr displayed its new truck-mounted 37 Z4 XXT concrete pump at World of Concrete, highlighting the equipment’s Z-fold boom design and outrigger system.

The machine’s 120-foot, 9-inch distributor boom is configured in four sections, and the folding design minimizes torsion effects offering low-vibration boom movements.

Liebherr placed the concrete pipeline close to the boom on both sides to help balance the weight, and the pipe bends offer a 10.8-inch radius to cut down on pressure losses across the length of the distributor boom. Most of the pipe bends are of the same type, a decision the company made to reduce the amount of different wear parts operators need to keep on hand.

Liebherr secured both the rear and front outriggers directly to the distributor boom’s pedestal, an effort that helps channel forces into the boom supports. The outriggers are pivot-mounted to aid flexibility and to maximize the boom’s working range.

The machine also is fitted with pump units in three output sizes and offer flow rates between 163 square yards per hour and 213 square yards per hour.