Hilti unveils DSH 700-, 900-X concrete saws with no-choke start

Updated Feb 9, 2016

DSH 700_ DSH 900

The process of setting the choke to cold-start any portable, gasoline-powered tool is nobody’s favorite activity. So Hilti eliminated manual choke with its new Easy Start technology in the DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X hand-held concrete saws, introduced at World of Concrete.

Hand held gas sawHand held gas saw

The technology automatically sets the proper amount of choke and eliminates the adjustment process. You just flip the switch to “on,” pull the starter rope and get to work.

The saws also feature Hilti’s cyclone air filtration system, which uses centrifugal force to blow concrete dust and debris away from the engine air intake and sending the cleanest air to the engine. This increases filter life and performance and reduces downtime.

The DSH 700-X sports a 70cc engine and comes in 12- and 14-inch models, while the DSH 900-X offers a 90cc engine with in 14- and 16-inch models.

Since the starter rope is often the first item to need replacement on concrete saws, Hilti designed a rope housing mechanism that is easy remove, rewind and reinstall.