Quadrel launches devices for real-time measuring of concrete maturity and strength

Updated Feb 4, 2016

Quadrel WOC 2

Quadrel announced at World of Concrete three devices aimed at making it possible to measure concrete maturity and strength in real-time, rather than waiting the traditional 28 days for break results.

Quadrel WOC 3The devices, QCal, QPaw and QCap are part of the company’s QOrb system. The units contain sensors that transmit data to Quarrel’s Cloud service for ubiquitous access.

QCal, pictured right, is a portable calorimeter that is the mobile version of the company’s existing iQdrum. The test cylinder measure heat and temperature of a specified curing period and helps predict performance in the field via an automated heat signature profile.

QPaw, below, attaches to formwork or a test cylinder and measures concrete temperature without disrupting either. Quadrel describes it as a cost-effective curing temperature and maturity measuring system.

QCap, at top, rests on a test cylinder to seal in humidity to help in the curing process. It measures humidity and temperature from the beginning of application and provides an estimate of in-place strength. It also features a motion sensor to provide an alert if the cylinders are moved too early.

Data collected by the devices and sent to the QOrb system is available through the Quadrel mSite mobile app.

Quadrel WOC 1