Thunder Creek launches bulk diesel trailer series, bulk DEF tank

Thunder Creek Equipment has introduced a trailer series that allows contractors to haul diesel in bulk quantities that does not require drivers to keep a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement. The Multi-Tank Trailers (MTT) were launched today at the 2015 International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition in Louisville.

Diesel tanks in capacities more than 119 gallons in construction settings must be hauled by drivers with a CDL or the HAZMAT Title 49 (CFR49) endorsement. The MTT series offers multiple segmented tanks in 115-gallons capacities to avoid this requirement, but in some cases local regulations may have additional requirements.

“This came from a very specific construction industry need to haul bulk fluids from jobsite to jobsite without CDL and HAZMAT licensing,” General Manager Luke Van Wyk said. “With the shortage of skilled labor in the construction market today, and the difficulty in finding and retaining certified drivers, these new trailers allow any worker with a valid driver’s license to haul the trailers within federal regulations.”

The MTT series offers capacities of 460 gallons (four tanks), 690 gallons (six tanks) and 920 gallons (eight tanks) and can be customized for bulk diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing. DEF tanks in 100-gallon capacities, which feature the company’s closed DEF delivery system, can be added to the trailers.

This delivery system includes the 2-in-1 DEF pumping system and connects the DEF tank with the bulk DEF container via a closed coupler. This coupler can be removed and replaced with a quick-connect DEF nozzle to distribute fluid into the equipment. This is designed to cut down on possible exposure and contamination.

The trailers also offer rear utility box options that can include toolboxes, a retractable workbench with a vise and the company’s welder/generator/air compressor 3-in-1 system. Other options include the Thunder Creek proprietary WorkSight light tower, Field Max tires , 35-pound grease kit, aluminum wheels, solar battery charger, electric/hydraulic jack and stainless steel trim/fender upgrade.

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Bulk DEF tank

Thunder Creek also showcased a new 1,200-gallon bulk DEF tank unit designed for large fixed fleet and retail operations.

“The concept for this is a long-term job site,” Van Wyk said “where you’re out working for months, and need some quantity of DEF reserve, looking at fixed-based fleets, anywhere from school buses to construction, ready mix fleets, where they’re coming back to a station at night. Even the large construction companies that have large fuel inventories at there location.”

The tank shell, which can be moved via forklift, is available with either a stainless steel or polyethylene DEF configuration. Single- or dual-sided dispensing stations are available, and can pump DEF at a rate of 10 gallons per minute. For cold climates, the unit is available with R19 insulation wrap, a tank temperature monitor, heated dispensing cabinet and a heating piping bridge enclosure for the retail model.

“As with our entire product line, the key to this product is fluid purity and operational flexibility,” Van Wyk added. “We ensure ISO compliance through the life of the product, and we offer a number of options and choices that let the buyer match it to their operation.”