Road raging backhoe operator shoves car through a stop light, flees to Waffle House

Updated Sep 4, 2015

Backhoe genericIf you’re ever at stop light in Richmond County, Georgia, and notice a backhoe in your rear view mirror, you might want to pay close attention for that green light.

According to a report from WRDW TV, the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested Robert Stanley after a woman accused him of pushing her car through an intersection after she didn’t accelerate quickly enough.

Following the incident, the victim called 911 and followed the backhoe to a construction site where Stanley left the machine, hopped into a Chevrolet Silverado and fled the scene.

The victim was able to snap a picture of Stanley and the truck and showed it to the responding deputy, the station reports.

Stanley was spotted by deputies at a nearby Waffle House and arrested after leaving the restaurant.

Stanley didn’t deny the accusations, instead telling the deputies “he was frustrated with the car in front of him because it was not moving when the light turned green.”